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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Roommate Came To Me and Kissed Me

I have by no means truly told any person about my freshmen year in college. All of the college girls buddies I’ve met along the way and partied with have definitely left me with some wonderful stories to tell, and they ended up ones that ended up unshared, but when it arrived to one of the most abnormal points in that yearr, this is the first time I’m in fact speaking about it. It is not that I’m embarrassed to chat about it, everything but truly. But it was such a unique encounter that the venues for telling men and women are not there, especially since you have no idea how folks will respond. 

Like it was yesterday, I went out with some of my sexy college girls pals to a small social gathering, but experienced to return to my school dorm area sort of early given that I have class the next day, and I couldn’t skip it. As a facet note, if I had by no means referred to as it an early evening, this would have transpired. Anyway, I’m wrapping up some late night research when my roommate arrived in the room. It seems like she went to an event, yet made a decision to go home early like myself. She’s stumbling a bit, and I’ve been guilty of the same situation before, hence there’s nothing at all out of the ordinary. 

She then just decided that she’s likely to lay down in her bra and thong. Now I’m beginning to presume the atmosphere is a bit unusual. She asks to turn the lights off and I notify her to go right forward. I flick my desk lamp on and get back to work as she lies down in her bed. We converse for a bit, but then the dialogue seems to taper off. I’m not in significantly of a mood to talk, because I’ve got a pair of several hours of work. 

About twenty minutes passed and she’s as peaceful as can be. Got my headphones on so I’m quite locked into what I’m doing. All of a sudden I get the strangest sensation that an individual is at my back.I don’t know why as out of nowhere, my roommate starts to kiss my neck. I’m startled. I have no idea why she did it in the first place. Could she have been sleepwalking? Whatever, it did not matter, at the very least until she did it again. 

I was totally freaked out and was nearly frozen. What will I say? If I bugged out on her it could have made the roommate relationship truly uncomfortable. She was awesome to be with and I didn’t want to piss her with my doubts.  She then turned me around and kissed me on the lips. I tried my best to push her away, but I clearly wasn’t putting a lot pressure into it. 

We did not go a lot than some kissing. I’m not a lesbian, and at some point I did say no. We never talked again about that evening, and she by no means approached me after that. I still don’t know up to now if she’s bisexual, better yet it was a unique experience that I’ll never ever fail to remember.

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